what i offer

Career Coaching

Get your career-related questions answered in this one-on-one session for professionals (like you!).

Skills Gap Assesment

Thinking of a career transition or acceleration? At times, you don’t have to start afresh. Let us craft the right skill profile for your next career move together.

Job Readiness Coaching

The Job Readiness coaching will get you ready for your next job by reviewing or critiquing your resume.

On The Job Coaching

Designed specifically to provide one-on-one atmosphere for professionals to ask career related questions

Career Strategy & Brainstorming

This Career Strategy and brainstorming session will create a customized strategy that would get you there easier and faster

Corporate Strategy Session

As a Strategy Professional and an accredited Facilitator, I will make your strategy session one with long lasting results

Corporate/Team Training

I can train your employees or team to improve their competence and develop the confidence they need to deliver on mandates

Business Consulting

Business Leader, C-suite executive and looking for a professional consultant with? Lets talk!

Conference Speaking

I have lots of experience speaking for such organizations as Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, PMI, IIBA etc

I am all about Transformation

Be it individuals and their careers, or teams and businesses. Book a free 15 minutes to discuss your career, your team or your business.

Career Coaching

Whether it’s a generic question about your career, or a specific question about a role or career choice, let us shine the light on the dark areas you may have!

Session Details

  1. 60-minute 1-on-1 Coaching with a coach who’s fully invested in your career growth
  2. Ideal for a predefined career objective
  3. Walk away with clarity and tailored actions to supersede your career objective in no time

1 hour – CAN$100/hr

Skill Gap Assessment

Let me work with you to analyze where you are, leverage what you have, and identify what you need to get to your next growth phase.

Session Details

  1. Pre-session assessment of your mindset and skillset.

  2. 60-minute session to craft your capability profile against your set career objective.

  3. Identify your transferable skills, gaps, competitive advantage, and blind spots.

  4. Walk away with precision and confidence to prepare and position for strategic career moves!

1 hour – CAN$75/hr

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